About Old School Woodshop
Welcome to the Old School Woodshop. I am located in a small town in central Manitoba north of Winnipeg. I am married to my wife Wendy and a cancer survivor. Being sick has changed my outlook on life and made me appreciate all things handmade. They show the time and care with each piece, something that is lost in big manufacturing operations which are concerned about production, speed and huge profits.
As the name states, many of the techniques and methods that I use have been used for hundreds of years in the woodworking world. I have been building ever since I was able to hold a hammer or a saw.

What I can build for you...

I will work meticulously to give my customer a one of a kind piece to satisfy their needs or imagination!

One of a Kind

Most of the work done at the Old School Woodshop is one of a kind tailored to the customers needs (size, colour, wood type, & budget).

Old School Charm

I spend much of my time selecting proper pieces of wood for each job. All of my dovetail Joinery is done by hand to give joints an old school charm.

Coast To Coast

I have built hundreds of pieces for the commercial sector. Many of the pieces are multiples. My work can be found all across Canada from coast to coast.

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